Upper Elementary

In the upper elementary environment, the child’s sense of order is internalized.  In this plane of development (9-12 years), the students are free to pursue and focus upon subjects, lessons and materials that interest him/her.  Unlike traditional schooling at this age, the work is not dictated by the teacher; a student is allowed to use the various materials as needed. During work time, the teachers provide lessons to the students in small groups in workspaces throughout the classroom.  The lessons are offered to those at the appropriate developmental stage, regardless of age.  Students often also provide lessons and make presentations to their classmates.   The Five Great Lessons (Creation Story, Evolution of Life, Coming of Man, Communication through Signs, and History of Numbers) are presented each year in both the lower and upper elementary classrooms during the first few weeks of school.  Each year, the children take different aspects of the great lessons to do further research.  These lessons open many avenues to all subject areas.  The goal is to provide a “Cosmic Education”, which conveys to the child the interrelatedness of the whole of the universe to the child’s role in it.  Through imagination, the child is able to envision the whole, providing a frameworkfor integration of further knowledge.


 Upper Elementary class hours: 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.