As some of the dedication bricks on our front walk will tell you, Racine Montessori School has become a second home over the years to many families.  We’ve seen a couple of generations from the same families come through our doors in our nearly 50 years of operation.  There is a reason so many of our former students have their children attend our school.

Read for yourself below why others think RMS is such a special place. 


Scott Kinderman
July 31, 2017

Having attended RMS myself from1st – 3rd grade many years ago (more than I will admit), the original decision to send my daughter to RMS was very easy.  I left RMS (and eventually Milwaukee Montessori) with a life long love of learning.  I have seen this instilled in my daughter also.  Several times the patience and willingness of the teachers and staff to work with her to “master” a skill has made a world of difference. She struggled greatly with reading and math and I know that in a traditional environment she would have been one of the students that “fell through the cracks”.  Today she is an avid reader and is very good at math.
But beyond that, RMS has helped her mature into an independent person.  She thinks critically and questions the world with an eye towards making it a better place. She has learned good time management skills and prides herself in her work.  I can really say that she personifies the goal of “freedom with responsibility.”
The opportunity to continue at RMS through 8th grade was an added benefit.

Valerie Bote
July 31, 2017

As a child I can’t remember ever looking forward to going to school, but my children (all three of them) have demonstrated just the opposite!  They just love going to school.  The Montessori program has really taught my children to love, and crave learning.  They are all very enthusiastic about what’s in store for them at school.  Racine Montessori School is a wonderful place where people care about people.  They learn not only to respect one another, but also their environment, and all the living creatures that surround them.  I feel that the Montessori way of learning has equipped them with the proper tools in order to succeed anywhere they might go after their Montessori years.  They have grown to be very self-confident, and they are always ready to take on whatever challenges may come their way.  My two younger children (kindergartener and second grader) continue to do really well at RMS.  My eldest daughter who is in fourth grade is now in a traditional setting, and has transitioned very well.

Georgine Kudrna
July 31, 2017

As I write this testimonial, my 10 year old daughter is writing a letter to Maria Montessori, thanking her for creating the Montessori method.  While I’m sure her letter is a homework assignment, the sincerity of her appreciation is genuine…..
“Dear Maria Montessori, My name is Katie, I am a Montessori student.  You are a very nice woman.  I like that you stood up to obstacles in your life, like going to med school.  You are a true hero!  I love the Montessori school.  Thanks for creating it.  I like your style of teaching, it is fun to do hands-on things.  It’s much more interesting to learn with materials; it helps a lot of kids.  You are the most amazing woman in history, no doubt about it!”
As a parent, I am continually impressed by the work my daughter masters.  She has excellent reading and writing skills and her grasp of math concepts far surpasses my own achievement at that age.  I believe RMS offers the best learning experience in Racine County.

Lisa Porter
July 31, 2017

As a Montessori parent, I have found the Montessori approach to education to be a wonderful platform for my children to develop into independent thinkers, problem solvers and motivated learners.  My children have developed a strong sense of respect for themselves, their physical environment/nature, as well as for their peers and other adults.
At RMS, children are able to build on their personal strengths allowing them to learn who they are and what they can accomplish on their own.  I know my children will be well prepared to pursue a direction in life that is fulfilling to them.
At RMS my children are surrounded by caring people in a beautiful and safe environment.  They are excited to go to school each day, and I can’t imagine them being educated with any other method or at any other facility!

Jenny Humphreys
July 31, 2017

Maria Montessori recognized the importance of the first six years of a child’s life.  The Montessori philosophy says that these years are the time for children to use their senses to learn about the world.  Montessori children become aware of differences in sound, shape, color, and size.  They learn to carefully measure, pour, carry, clean, sort, and match.  My own children have thrived at Racine Montessori; they have learned in a relaxed, child-directed, purposeful environment where they have been given lots of choices.  I have appreciated the frequent parent/teacher contact and have been pleased that my kids have made a smooth transition to public school.  I’m very glad that my children were able to attend Racine Montessori School.

Cassi Malko
July 31, 2017

My name is Cassi Malko and I went to Racine Montessori for eight years. I always liked school when I was at Montessori. I always had great teachers and great friends. Now that I am out of the Montessori environment I realize how much respect is developed there. The other students respect your desire to learn, which is great!    My teachers there always made sure we understood what we were learning, and the Montessori materials helped me understand. I really wish I could still use the materials as opposed to visualizing the problem in the textbook in my head.  I really appreciate everything I did with Montessori to help the environment as well. Montessori really opened my eyes as far as what is happening to our world and what we can do to stop it from happening.  I love visiting my old teachers and friends there because it’s interesting to see what they are doing now. I have family that still goes there and I like to hear what they have to say about what they are learning. I find it surprising because in some subjects they are more advanced than the school I am at now! Montessori has provided me with an excellent academic background and I am proud to say that I went there. I would highly recommend Racine Montessori to anyone who is looking for a school to send their child to. It has a superb curriculum with awesome teachers! I loved my Montessori years!

Madeleine Boman
July 31, 2017

I often think about what my education would be like if I could stay at Racine Montessori School for the rest of my school years. I know I would love it.  The personalized instruction that I received and the hands-on activities that were presented greatly enabled me to be successful in my present school.  I have never learned math very quickly and have always been challenged by it, but while I was at Montessori, I was able to receive more individualized work that helped improve the level of my math skills.
The respect the teachers had for the students, and the students for the teachers, made me look forward to each new day of school.  I felt the teachers were more like friends, and so it was easier for me to accept new things.
I was able to express the things I enjoyed doing, such as dance and acting.  My teachers put up with the constant proof-reading of plays that I had written, and allowed my friends and I to act out. A Montessori education is one of the best that any child can receive.

Stephanie Pape
July 31, 2017

It helped to explore other alternatives in teaching and learning.  I have used some Montessori teaching tactics while teaching my Sunday School class.  It has allowed me to be open to new ways of learning.
I always pick up before I start something new! That was a strong rule at Montessori, but in all truth, it has helped me be more organized and efficient at my work.  I also got to experience learning in a small environment, which was nice at a young age.
I always felt that I was very close with all of my teachers and that they truly liked me and enjoyed helping me learn.  I made many wonderful friendships with people I still know today.
I really enjoyed my years of learning and years of building relationships!  It was a wonderful and fulfilling experience.

Margaux Meltzer
July 31, 2017

I started going to Racine Montessori School when I was three years old and continued there through the fifth grade.  My time there was amazing.  I had lots of fun and the education was great.  RMS is a very small school and that helped me in many different areas.  We didn’t care what we wore to school or that we all had different interests.  We were all friends.  We worked together on science projects and on many research papers.  We were able to set up our own field trips to do research.  My friend and I planned a trip to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago when we were writing a paper on dolphins.  We were in the third grade and had to make all of the arrangements ourselves.  The three different grades in one class was very helpful.  It gave the older kids responsibility to look after the younger ones and to help them with their work.  The best part of the small classroom was the teacher and student relationship.  Racine Montessori has the best environment for kids to grow up in.  I have made my best friends and the people who I trust the most while at Racine Montessori School – they are the teachers.  They helped me through tough times and encouraged me when I was down.  My mother passed away when I was eight years old and they helped me greatly with my loss.  I want to thank them for everything they have given me, including helping me find my great love of writing.  RMS has a great program for writing and has helped many children succeed in that area.  I would never give up my time and experiences at Racine Montessori School.  Thank you very much for helping me and giving me the best times of my life.  I will never forget RMS.

Liz Welch
July 31, 2017

The Montessori education is unlike any other way of teaching I’ve come across over the years.  I never disliked school when I was at Montessori.  The method gives kids a chance to express themselves by working on materials they like or need to work on themselves.
My education at Montessori provided me with an excellent knowledge and problem solving base.  The way the teachers signed students up for lessons helped greatly.  I also liked the way students could interact with each other, and work together.
Mrs. Strauss-Peterson was one of the top three teachers I’ve had my entire life.  She was one of the strictest teachers I’ve had, but she made sure we understood what she was teaching.  I also remember the classmates I was with for seven years.  I still keep in touch with one of the girls, and we are best friends.
I truly believe Montessori gave me a head start compared to all of the other kids.  It taught me so much and I just hope that when I have kids, there will be a Montessori where I live.  I will never forget my Montessori experience, and how much it helped me.
RMS is a wonderful education experience.  The most important lesson is the joy of learning.

Katie Lee
July 31, 2017

Montessori taught me how to focus and complete a job, which helps me with homework.  The small class sizes and the “going out” trips that we went on were great!  I remember my great friendships that I made at RMS.  My classmates and I still keep in touch and we have many fond memories.  The Montessori method is a great way for kids to learn.  I benefited greatly from my schooling there.  I miss Racine Montessori!

Allie Tollaksen
July 31, 2017

As a Montessori student from ages two to twelve, I have always identified myself as a Montessori child. Even at a very young age, I knew that the Montessori method and Racine Montessori were huge parts of my life. But it was not until the very end of high school, while applying to colleges, that I realized how profoundly RMS has affected me. Looking back, I understand how fortunate I was to have been able to explore my interests and have my curiosity nurtured by the amazing people at RMS. It has truly made me the person I am today.
The unique aspect of RMS is that I got to learn things in the classroom that were not part of a simple school curriculum. From the very beginning, things like listening, responsibility, independence, and thoughtfulness were just as important as geography or arithmetic. I have never heard of another school in which the students did things like classroom jobs or reconciling over the Peace Pole. The life skills that Montessori instilled in me are of absolute incalculable worth, and I will take them with me wherever I go.
The other amazing—and to my non-Montessori friends, even baffling—aspect of RMS is the teachers’ supportiveness of students’ intellectual curiosity. In the true Maria Montessori way, the teachers at RMS encouraged me to pursue my interests, whatever they may be. Because of this, I had the opportunity to research and report on things that interested me: marine biology in the first grade, rocks and minerals in second, and countless other topics that fascinated my young mind. In fifth grade, my teacher, Mr. Lewis, helped me check out every book I could find on the Civil War after learning about it in a lesson. This is not uncommon at Racine Montessori School. At the time, I thought this sort of thing was normal, but looking back now, I understand how lucky I am.
One final thing I love about Racine Montessori is the way much of the material is taught. This is another thing I took for granted while at RMS, but have come to appreciate. For example, with math at RMS, I was not just told math facts or functions—I was shown how they work. With the special materials in the classroom, we students were able to interact with our math problems, giving us a deeper understanding of the material. This approach to learning not only solidified my math basics, but also taught me how to approach new material, even today. I honestly can say I would not have survived AP Calculus this past year without the lessons I learned back at RMS. Thanks to my years at Montessori, I knew to ask questions, get involved, and fully grasp the curriculum, and somehow, I actually enjoyed the class.
This is only a brief glimpse into the world of Racine Montessori. I can’t put into words how profoundly the school has shaped me, but I know it has been and always will be a quintessential part of my life. I am so lucky to have gone to a place surrounded by students with such integrity and with teachers who truly care. I think it is safe to say that I miss Racine Montessori, and I will miss it even more as I move away to my first year of college this fall.

Amy Giles-Huff
July 22, 2017

I think one of the best things about Racine Montessori is that it has the feel of a large family.  People are more than friendly, everyone is included and there’s just a very welcoming feeling about the school; not just for the children but for their parents, too.

Patty Tollaksen
July 22, 2017

Every parent of a Montessori child invariably asks how the child will fare when he/she enters a traditional school. I can say that I cannot imagine a more perfect environment to prepare a child for the “real world” than Montessori. Very soon after the start of the school year, we realized she was very prepared, and this included things like tests and homework, of which she had very little experience.

Tami Nelson-Payne
July 22, 2017

To see my own children’s faces light up when they’ve met the challenge of accomplishing a task–a task that is entirely intrinsically motivated–is what Racine Montessori is all about.  Because children develop at many different levels, Racine Montessori affords EACH child the opportunity to blossom and bloom according to his or her own needs.